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*Important note about your apparel:
Actual finished apparel color may differ from the color viewed on a computer monitor or in a catalog. Each gi is hand dyed and will be unique. Also, every individual's perception of colors varies. Purple may be plum to one, eggplant to another, violet to the rest.
We make every effort to display colors that best represent the finished product. Color variations as outlined above will not result in an exchange or refund. Don't forget, your Brunami Gi is one of a kind, and once in it, you will Be The Wave.

Brunami™ Shorts

Brunami™ fight shorts with velcro front closure, tie string and elastic waistband . The stretch fabric inlay along inner thighs and crotch make them extra comfy.



A portion of Brunami profits benefit Tsunami Disaster Victims and their Families


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